Steven Pic54-year-old Steven grew up in a small town where he once attended school regularly and enjoyed playing sports. His mother forced his family to move to Third Ward in Houston, Texas upon entering high school. “She took my dream of playing sports in college from me,” said Steven. Steven transferred to Worthing High School, where he then found out that he would need to fight other students in order to be accepted into this new community.  Steven started doing drugs to cope with the pain from moving and losing his dreams of playing sports, and he eventually dropped out of high school.

Steven believes that the schools in Houston are not providing the best education or environment for their students. “We still got outdated courses. They don’t have the brand new books, and they don’t have updated computer systems, so the kids don’t have a mission to learn,” he said. "How can I go to school to learn when all the other kids are just fighting?"

After asking Steven what our community needs to do to ensure that the proper education is received in poverty-stricken neighborhoods, Steven said, “You have to have more community involvement, you gotta have meetings. You gotta have people who actually care about the kids. These kids need to be taught things that are prevalent and can help them get a job.”

Steven is very passionate about learning and writing. He enjoys going to Houston Public Library located in downtown to read and write poetry.