Chaoyan Li 'Mimi'

mimi pic 2Chaoyan Li 'Mimi' was born in China and moved to Houston via Mexico. Mimi is fluent in Chinese, English and Spanish. She is the mother to an 8-month-old son, Ian. Mimi has already begun reading to her son every day, because she believes that it is very important for her son to learn how to read. She would like her son to learn three languages, just like herself, and is already speaking and reading to him in English and Spanish. "The most effective way to teach our kids to learn how to read and write is to send them to school. But, as a mother I am doing my work at home with my son as well. I like teaching him. We read books together. I enjoy taking him places to help teach him how to learn. As far as day care, I really look for a place that will love my son and give him all the care that he needs. Once he turns 18-months-old, I hope that they will provide him with early education with a good curriculum. I have already been doing a lot of research on what the best schools to send him to once he turns 2-years-old.”