Patricia Patricia is the director of a local childcare facility and is very hands on in the development of the curriculum at her site.  "We start reading with our babies at 6 weeks of age." She says "Then we build on that as they grow.”  At 2 years of age they are introduced to our curriculum and we read books aloud during circle time, at 3 years old they start matching, recognizing environmental print and using letter walls, at 4 years old we work on sight words and handwriting, we also offer our own private Kindergarten”

She is very passionate about the work that they are doing inside of her program but shares that her children come from all walks of life.  “We have some parents who fill out applications with misspelled words and poor grammar” “The parents have to participate” she stresses. She went on to explain how some parents are uncomfortable participating because they are struggling readers themselves. “When the schools changed their curriculum requirements it all started to fall apart.  I had to teach my own children how to write in cursive because they no longer teach it in the schools”

She focused in on how important it is for parents to read with their children, even while pregnant. Patricia recommends that parents “start as early as you can.” “Let your children read whatever inspires them.” Speaking of which her own children, ages 13 and 8, are currently reading tween book series and “everything Lego”