Three years ago Terri’s life changed dramatically following the death of her daughter. She had difficulty coping with the loss and fell into a downward spiral, losing her job, her health and everything she had worked all of her life for in the field of child care management. Terri has been homeless for three years and is grateful to have found Star of Hope.

Terri participates in a book club that is comprised of several other residents and is led by a volunteer. The book club is currently reading Fearless by Eric Blehm. When asked what she thought of the book, Terri says that she and her book club members have all had difficulties in their lives that they have needed to overcome and that by reading and discussing the book, they were able to learn how the main character in the book faced his challenges. “It gives us better spiritual ways to deal cope with things.”

Terri is also teaching another adult resident how to read. She discovered her friend was illiterate after being asked several times to read her personal letters aloud. Terri began helping her with her class homework and reading Dr. Seuss books with her. “I get so fulfilled to see her read. It is such a joy!”

When asked if she was aware that 1 in 5 Houston adults is functionally illiterate, Terri responds, “I didn’t know that. I would like to go out and help everyone that I can and volunteer my time to help people read. It would fulfill my dreams.”