Amanda, 27

Amanda blog Twenty-seven year old Amanda grew up in Houston where she loved school and enjoyed reading.  To ensure her path to success, her family always encouraged her to read and engaged in hands-on learning throughout her childhood.

Amanda had a support system at home to learn and grow, her parents instilled a love of reading at an early age, and it continues to be an important aspect of her life. “I’m thankful because [reading] is not something you always think about – what life would be like without being able to communicate, speak or write,” she said. “Two of my best friends and I read the same book, and we don’t live in the same city, so it helps us stay in touch.”

When asked about her perspective on public schools compared to private, she responded, “I think the most important thing is you have to pay attention to each individual’s needs since not every person learns the same. [By] focusing on the individual and finding out what’s best for them to engage in school is the most important.”

“It was interesting because I went to public school for elementary, private for middle, started in public for high school but then graduated from a private school,” she said. “For me, I didn’t necessarily have a preference – each school was beneficial for me at certain parts of my life.”

Amanda is newlywed, living with her husband and dog in Houston. She enjoys volunteering for literacy causes, spending time with her family and reading multiple book each month.