John Robinson

john robinson picJohn Robinson Is the Director of Education for the Houston Area Urban League. In this role he develops and manages educational strategies and programs for our communities and schools. During the summer of 2015 John partnered with the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation to help bring Summer Reading Camps to three affordable housing communities in Houston. John is passionate about helping inner city youth and providing them with opportunities to learn and achieve. He believes that all children can be made into readers.  “You just have to find out what it is that they are interested in and flood them with books on that topic, have them available in the home” he says. “And read with them, then discuss the books you read, no matter how old your children are you can still read to them.”

John shared his passion for working with older children when he described using a Scholastic program called I.D. The program “allows teenagers to define who they are so that they aren’t just drifting around out in the world” John has much experience working with students of all backgrounds but especially wants to impact those who are deemed less fortunate or at-risk. “Once a kid can define who they are then they can become resilient.  They can stand up for themselves no matter what situation they are put in because they will truly know who they are” John encourages people to get out and serve and make a difference in their city.  “It’s great that we send these kids home with books, but in a few weeks those books will be lost, or used to light a pilot light” John truly believes that kids need books but “they need so much more than just books.”