Elizabeth Campbell 1 By Sara Amin

Elizabeth Campbell has only sweet memories of her childhood, though it was a tad irregular in that by the time she reached high school she and her family had already moved around the country 7+ times. When she was a newborn, her father, a church history professor with a PhD who authored several books and whom she calls a “book doctor, not a people doctor,” read to her every night, often in Latin. Her mother, an elementary school librarian worked hard to receive her Master’s degree in Library Science while Elizabeth was still quite young.

Elizabeth loved school, especially elementary and middle school and even more specifically, her English coursework. As the “shy” student, she dove into reading and writing – her strongest subjects – until one day she was told she was “too quiet” to be on the morning announcements. She’s been loud and proud ever since! “Math and science were my biggest nemeses when it came to learning,” she shares. “I had little interest or patience in anything that didn’t involve imagination and creativity. My head belonged in the clouds and in a book. That hasn’t changed.”

Elizabeth received her Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Political Science with a Media Communication specialization from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. After 10+ years in the marketing world, Elizabeth decided to go back to school for a Master’s degree in Elementary Education with a focus in Special Education. Currently she is studying for the Texas Teachers Certification while continuing to run her marketing company and acting as Chief Marketing Officer for a venture capital company. It’s clear – she’ll never stop learning!

When asked about her biggest influencers, Elizabeth emphatically answers, “My parents were and still are an incredibly positive influence in my life of learning. Literature was always a constant, no matter how stretched our resources at any given time. My extended family – all 28 cousins – consider education a top priority, every single one has graduated from college. If and when I do have children, I aim to provide, surround and practically suffocate them with great literature!”

She continues, with a smile, “Reading is the magic of my life. It is the main way I continue to learn as an adult, and is my very favorite thing to do. It is my escape as well as my experience – I will get lost in beautiful fiction for hours and escape the mundane trivialities of responsible adulthood, or have a deeply empathic experience with biographies and nonfiction. To say that I am a voracious reader is putting it lightly; I’d go so far as to call it an addiction of sorts! I normally read 5+ books per week, which puts a strain on my budget, but opens my mind and my world to thoughts and experiences I could only dream of knowing or living otherwise.”