David Reech

IMG_4107 By Mageida Sopon

David Reech is from Sudan, Africa and came to Houston in 2013. Living in Africa was hard because in his area war was raging. He went to school in Africa and was able to attend high school, but had to run away and was not able to learn English fluently. Due to the rise of violence, his family was forced to run away to North Africa and they stayed in Egypt where he learned Arabic. There, he had to quit school and go to work to provide economic assistance to his family and help his brother get through school.

He says that coming to Houston and becoming a part of the Houston Center for Literacy has helped him continue and make goals to get his GED and possibly attend community college. He loves school and says, “Education is [the] key to give you opportunities.” He likes working with machinery, math and different things in engineering. His lack of good English closed some doors for him so he decided to make a change by learning how to read, speak and write in English.

He enjoys being a part of the Center because he is able to learn and continue to develop his literacy skills. He loves interacting with others and learning to read allows him to create a connection with his classmates.

David is starting from the beginning, so being able to read and talk in English is still difficult.  English is very important to him to develop further. “I love the teachers here. They give me homework to do at home to read and write better,” he says.

Davis says he will continue his education and will get better in English!