Susan for blog Susan’s passion for reading began at a very young age and has continued throughout her life.  This clearly was a family trait and when Susan spoke of her mom, she said, “She was a big influence in my life”. Her mom was a librarian at a medical school. Susan’s father often joked and called her mom a “print eater” because she read so often and so quickly. Susan and her two older brothers got to listen to their mother read to them every night before bed. She specifically remembers her reading The Hobbit to them and then The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  “She would read one chapter to us each night, and we would beg for her to keep reading more.”

When Susan retired last year, she knew she had to look for something she could still do that involved reading. This led her to become involved with Read Houston Read this year where she had four students she read with each week. “With Read Houston Read, it is great that the children are reading from new books. There is nothing like holding a real book in your hands and that is something special that Read Houston Read brings to children who may not have books in their home.”

When asked about her overall experience with the kids this year she said, “It was very very rewarding, and I really really enjoyed it!”