Rodrigo (Story submitted by: Madyson Smith)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Rodrigo is a tutor and 6 month Staff Intern for Literacy Advance in Houston. Rodrigo was a small business owner, then he had a career change to work in nonprofit because he has a passion for volunteering.

After discussing the illiteracy problem in Houston and his work at Literacy Advance, Rodrigo said, "Every literacy organization is about kids [it seems], but here but at Literacy Advance it’s primarily about adults. Adults can really slip through the cracks.” He went on to say, “How is this a 2015 problem?”

“Prioritize what fulfills you.” –discussing the balance between working and volunteering

Rodrigo's advice for all English as a Second Language or Adult Basic Education learners at Literacy Advance is “Stick with it. Make a commitment to be here, to learn.”