"Looking Glamorous on a Shoestring Budget"

Shoestring.jpg By Tiffaney Hunter, CCO Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation

I am a proud member of the American Marketing Association of Houston and serve on the Nonprofit Special Interest Group (SIG) Committee. Our team recently hosted its first workshop of the year: “Looking Glamorous on a Shoestring Budget, “ an informative presentation that featured panelists Christian Brown, director of marketing & public relations for The Houston Ballet; Robin Tooms, vice president of strategy  for Savage Brands and Sarah McDonner, founder and executive director of ECHOrchestra. Each of the speakers shared creative and cost-effective ways for nonprofits to do more with less, while still looking good; to create an image and style within budget; to know where to put their marketing dollars; and ways to know what can be paid for versus what should be done internally. Over 40 nonprofit marketing professionals attended and were able to walk away with key nuggets to apply towards their marketing and communication strategies.