Jose Paulo Calvillo

DSC_0104 Growing up in San Antonio, Texas, Jose Paulo Calvillo and his two brothers focused on making good grades to better themselves for the future. Their mother, a teacher, and their father, a civil service worker and assistant principal during Jose’s grade school years, instilled the value of education early on and encouraged their boys to apply themselves to achieve success. Mr. Jesus and Mrs. Maria Diana Calvillo were first generation college graduates and Jose counts himself blessed to have continued the educational legacy they started.

Jose, himself, attended Lady of the Lake University where he majored in music and double-minored in Philosophy and Religion. Jose realized his passion for music as he wrote and performed songs on the guitar and piano and sang in the church choir growing up. When asked why he chose a music degree, he answered, “I simply wasn’t interested in anything else.”

This passion for fine art helped excel Jose into the role he is in today – Director of Operations for the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation., As one of only two employees on board since the very beginning, the second being Foundation President, Dr. Julie Baker Finck, Jose works tirelessly to create an office space that inspires collaboration and harmony among employees.

Prior to his role at the Foundation, Jose was Executive Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer of the Houston Independent School District. In that role he gained much experience in the general operations of an organization and learned how to take an organization from “just running” to “running smoothly and steadily.”

But Jose is not all work and no play – he has a softer, fun side that performed as a DJ during his college years, and continues now to enjoy his secret passion – erecting buildings and airplanes out of LEGOs! See, Jose is still using that fine art mentality to create masterpieces inside and outside of work.

When asked about his current professional role, Jose expresses that being with the Foundation is “the most rewarding work he’s ever done.” The organization has helped him “build character, develop professionally, and remain constantly vigilant.” As such, he has been an incredible asset to the organization encouraging unity, thoughtfulness and cheer.