latisha picLaTisha  works as a Residents Service Specialist in one of Houston’s affordable housing communities.  Her community serves individuals and families whose income level makes it difficult to afford a traditional apartment.  Most of the families that she serves are either black or Hispanic with 47% of the people living in this zip code having never completed high school. LaTisha believes that regardless of the parents education level, their “mindset” is the most important part. She says that some kids feel like they don’t need an education because their parents didn’t have one, while others are pushed to achieve because their parents never did. “The main thing with these type of communities is consistency.”  “If they come into a program and there is a large gap between trainings or camps then they forget about it. “Their minds are on other things like getting their lights turned back on”

When asked if she sees a direct correlation between low literacy and poverty. LaTisha responded, “It is, but you also have to consider other factors.  It could be generational…it could be their priorities.”