Dear Houston Community

First Lady Barbara Bush with Foundation President Dr. Julie Baker Finck.

First Lady Barbara Bush with Foundation President Dr. Julie Baker Finck.

On behalf of First Lady Barbara Bush, Neil and Maria Bush, and the staff of the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation, please accept our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your support in advancing our important cause - literacy. We are incredibly grateful for your help in making 2016 an incredible year. Because of your generosity in giving of your time and financial resources, more children, adults, and families in Houston are gaining access to much-needed literacy services and resources. We look forward to sharing results of our efforts and the return on your investments in our upcoming annual report.

Although momentum is gaining across our city, more work must be done if we are going to break the intergenerational cycle of low-literacy and help more people realize their fullest potential in life through the power of literacy. We need your help. During this season of giving back, consider increasing your level of engagement with and support for the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation. Give timegive moneygive books, or give your voice to the literacy cause. 

In the words of Mrs. Barbara Bush, "Believe in something larger than yourself...get involved in the big ideas of your time." Our vision is that Houston will be a city in which everyone has the requisite literacy skills needed for success in school, work and life. Everyone must be granted the right to learn how to read. Together, we can make this not only an idea or vision, but also a reality.

May God bless you and your family.

With warmest regards,

Julie Baker Finck, Ph.D.