Reginald Young

Reginald Young serves as an Agency Services Representative at the Houston Food Bank, a nonprofit organization that collects and distributes food to hunger relief charities throughout the Greater Houston area.

Reginald says that he is aware of a gap in children being read to by their parents and that this effects their chances of graduating from high school. This, he believes, is due to a variety of things, such as language barriers and even issues of parental illiteracy.

Reading has always been among his most enthusiastic hobbies, though he feels that he does not have enough time in a day to read as much as he wishes to. His mother, who was an educator, always made sure that he remained on top of his studies.

“To get parents more involved with teaching their children how to read,” says Reginald, “parents should be taught the importance of reading to children while they are attending school. In addition, educators should develop methods to engage families during this time so that they both are informed of why it’s important, as well as provide them the necessary resources to facilitate their knowledge of how they can provide more reading opportunities to their children.”

“To help children enjoy reading,” he added, “they should be exposed to a variety of interesting reading topics in their early stages of the learning process to help them identify their niche. The best way to do this is to present books in an exciting and entertaining way that can help engage students more. For example, children would enjoy reading or hearing stories about certain genres, such as sports, animals, humor, fairy tales, etc.”

Reginald’s literacy-enhancement experience has provided him the opportunity to acquire an advanced academic degree and increase his earning potential, as low literacy contributes to poverty and inhibits our ability to take advantage of the opportunities presented to us. In other words, inadequate literacy can make our earning potential stagnant and hinder us from climbing up the economic ladder.