Shreya Sahdev

Growing up in India and Malaysia, Shreya has experienced a lot of changes over the past year as Houston, Texas has become her new home. Moving to a new country, leaving some of her friends and memories behind, she didn’t know what to expect as she entered the United States for the first time. Shreya’s father’s occupation allowed them to travel across the globe and as they traveled, Shreya always carried around a notebook and would write down everything she saw. She would even have her parents record her as she pretended to be a broadcaster reporting on their vacations. Shreya’s mother helped her with English skills and acknowledges her mother’s devotion of educating her three kids as the reason for her own passion for writing and education.

Shreya is currently a senior in high school at The Village School and plans to continue her education by attending a university here in the U.S. to study journalism. Education is very important to her as she continues to speak Hindi and is very involved in school extracurricular activities. Shreya helped produce the school yearbook which taught her discipline and hard work as she met deadlines and worked with other yearbook staff members.

Shreya was immediately interested in interning with the The Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation while learning about their mission and “wanted to experience working with a non-profit foundation for the first time.” The foundations mission was on point with her own passions and feels her experience has been very valuable.