Nancy Perez

Nancy Perez is a first-generation college student currently attending California State University and about to enter her senior year. During her time at CSU, Nancy has worked for Phillips 66 in their Communication and Public Affairs Department and is currently interning for the company in Texas for a year to gain extra training and skills. “I feel as though Phillips 66 truly cares about me because they are investing time and money. I feel that they believe in me,” Nancy states.

While interning for Phillips 66 in Houston, Nancy has had the opportunity to serve as a volunteer at the Summer Reading Camps. “Volunteering for a camp with a focus on literacy felt like a cause close to home. English is my second language, and at one time I felt the same struggles that these children are going through. Mastering reading, writing and grammar skills is not easy, but I used the strategies that helped me get to where I am now, and I hope to make a difference in their learning skills.”

Nancy has volunteered with children previously through Junior Achievement and is very passionate about giving back. She made sure every camper in her classroom felt comfortable and that each and every one of them knew they were smart. “Growing up I had so many people supporting me and having my back; it was time for me to do the same. The children might not understand everything I tried to teach them, but sometimes a child just needs someone to confide in or have a shoulder to cry on,” Nancy explained.

It has brought Nancy great joy to work for a company that supports a cause she so strongly believes in. “Phillips 66 has the vision of providing energy and improving lives, and today I witnessed them accomplishing this task. I am proud to say I have been a part of it,” Nancy said excitedly.