Five Back to School Tips for Parents

Summer is drawing to an end and soon kids will be heading back to school. Here are some simple ways that parents can help their children be successful during the school year.

1. Get your child ready for the routine of school. This means begin getting her to bed and waking her up in the morning at the appropriate time necessary for adequate sleep and an on-time school arrival.

2. Visit your child’s school. Make time to tour the school and meet the principal and your child’s teacher(s). Establish a relationship with them. Ask about your child’s daily schedule, learn about academic expectations of your child, obtain a school supply list and find out ways you can take an active part in your child’s learning and development.

3. Be sure your child is healthy. Take your child to the pediatrician for a physical and update any required immunizations. Have your child’s eyes examined and purchase corrective lenses if your child needs them to see clearly. Healthy bodies and minds need healthy eating, so be sure your child eats three good meals a day, especially breakfast.

4. Create a home learning environment. Find a space in your home that is conducive to your child
completing homework, studying, reading, and engaging with you in learning. Be supportive and encourage and praise your child's accomplishments.

5. Make reading a habit. Schedule at least 20 minutes every day to read to or with your child. Reading will help her further her oral language development, advance her vocabulary, increase her comprehension level, and build her self-confidence. Reading together also helps build a bond that will last a lifetime.