Meet Lyan

Meet Lyan, a fourth grader at Treasure Forest Elementary in Spring Branch Independent School District. He recently celebrated his 10th birthday during which he played on trampolines and ate chocolate cake with his friends and family.

Lyan credits his kindergarten teacher for helping him learn how to read. He loves to read chapter books, especially fantasy and mystery genres. His favorite series is Notebook of Doom written by Troy Cummings in which children are given clues left by strange worms to find monsters. Lyan has read seven out of the twelve books in the humorous, action-packed series. He also enjoys reading about his favorite super hero, Iron Man.

Like many kids in Houston, Lyan is only able to get books through his elementary school library. He does not own any chapter books at home, only picture books which are well below his reading level. When school is out for the summer, Lyan will have very limited opportunity to read books at home without the support of a sponsor through our My Home Library initiative.

Lyan is one of nearly 600 children at Treasure Forest Elementary School who have created a wish list of books through our My Home Library initiative, which matches generous donors with a child in need. Nearly 98 percent of children at the school are economically disadvantaged, making books a luxury their families can’t afford. Lyan is hoping to have a chance to read LEGO Star Wars: Vader’s Secret Missions, Who Would Win: Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Velociraptor and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules, among other books in his wish list, during the summer. With your tax-deductible donation of $30, you can make Lyan or another child’s wish come true by underwriting their home library of 6 books.

Simply visit and click on “Sponsor a Child.” Your gift will help give children like Lyan access to books that expand their vocabulary, improve their comprehension levels, strengthen their imagination, and inspire a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for your generosity in helping to make a direct and meaningful impact on Lyan and his school-mates.