Meet Michaela




Meet Michaela, an adorable third-grader attending Treasure Forest Elementary in the Spring Branch Independent School District. This is Michaela’s first year attending a public school.

Michaela has proudly exceeded the reading expectations of her father, mother and classroom teacher. You see, every child’s reading level is assessed on a scale from 1 to 30. Due to the support of her father and her teacher, Michaela has advanced her reading proficiency by 6 levels and continues to make academic progress. Soon, she will be reading on the same level as her classmates. 
Every night she reads for an hour before bed along with reading a book four times in a row until she begins to understand each word’s pronunciation and meaning. Her father said, “We spend a lot of time after school reading together. Her mother and I are so proud of how far she has improved.” 

More than 1,000 children, including Michaela, have created a wish lists of six books through our My Home Library initiative. Michaela included several books in the Bad Kitty series, along with the classic Corduroy. She is excited about receiving these books so that she will have them the read during the summer and can continue climbing that ladder to reading success.

Make a child’s wish come true today. With your tax-deductible gift of $30, you can help sponsor a home library for Michaela or other children attending Treasure Forest Elementary School or Blackshear Elementary School in Houston Independent School District. Simply visit and click on “Sponsor a Child.”

Your generosity is deeply appreciated.