Ladies for Literacy Book Drive Tops 10,000

Led by Co-Chairs Deborah Stavis and Anne Taylor, the Ladies for Literacy Guild's inaugural book drive quickly grew into an amazing grass roots affair that engaged many Guild members, their families, friends, co-workers, and the community at large. The book drive kicked off on February 15th at the Guild's annual meeting and ended on March 4th. During this time, members collected donated books from family and friends, their children's schools, retail outlets, and other creative ways.  With the unparalleled help of Boy Scout Troups 55, 836 and 837, over 10,000 books were picked up from 5 Houston Public Library branches and delivered for storage and sorting to the Harris County Public Library. These books are earmarked for the Curiosity Cruiser and for future distribution to our literacy partners. Many thanks to the Guild members who participated in the book drive and the many donors across the city who contributed new and gently used books.