Ida Bruun

Ever since she was a little kid, Ida has been surrounded by books, stories and a loving family who read to her every night. Reading was always a fun activity to her and she only became more interested and invested in it as she learned English when she moved to America. It was expected to be difficult, but speaking English came easily to the 10-year-old Ida who had many friends to help her and many stories to be read to her before eventually reading on her own.

Ida is currently an upcoming Sophomore at the Village School and plans to work hard on going to a university in London or New York studying literature and theater. The arts, literature, and traveling are very important to her and she makes a point of it by participating in school trips, theater productions, and submitting her literary work to the high school magazine.

Ida's interest was immediately drawn to the opportunity of interning with the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation as their cause resonated with her own love of literacy and reading. Her time with the Foundation has been enjoyable and eye-opening, and is an experience she will remember for a long time to come.