Join the first First Lady's Book Club event!


We are excited to share that our Ladies for Literacy Guild has launched the First Lady’s Book Club. Twice a year through the First Lady’s Book Club, Guild members will have an opportunity to share the joy of a book and interact with the author. The first session will feature one of Barbara Bush’s favorite authors and New York Times bestseller Brad Meltzer and his latest book, The Escape Artist.

“We are committed to ensuring that Houston becomes a city of readers and setting the example for others to follow,” said Stephanie Tsuru, Ladies for Literacy Guild President. “The First Lady’s Book Club is a great way to demonstrate that we not only care about helping others learn how to read, but also that reading is fun and serves as a strong focal point for bringing people together.”


Become a member of the Ladies for Literacy Guild today and join the first First Lady’s Book Club event!