Hess distributes My Home Library to Gallegos Elementary students

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Thanks to HESS Corporation and its employees, nearly 2,000 children on Houston’s East End received brand new books of their choice. Just last weekend, employees volunteered to assemble the home libraries according to wish lists created by the children, before distributing the bags of books to each child at school. In return, children gave them hugs and smiles and quickly began reading. Clearly, a priceless return on their investment.

“My Home Library means a lot to our kids,” said Dr. Alejando Gonzalez, Principal of Gallegos Elementary to the HESS volunteers. “They don’t get to take a lot of things home or really have a lot of things to read. I want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for volunteering to make this happen. This means more than you know. “

One volunteer from Hess, Kyle Bondy, shared his experience at the book distribution:

“Today’s book distribution was an opportunity to see the excitement of less privileged kids getting books to take home as their own. The students were so excited by the fact that they’re not having to check them out from the library and then return them, that these books are now theirs. It was real excitement for them to select and receive six brand new books. I really liked how engaged the students were when we were reading too. I definitely want to volunteer again. In fact, all the volunteers were just talking about how our faces were hurting because we’re smiling so much and because it felt so good to be a part of such an awesome, impactful event.”