YPG visits Phillips 66, with Foundation founder Neil Bush

Last month, members of our Young Professionals Group and the Phillips 66 New Hire Network participated in a special event at the company’s headquarters featuring a lively fireside chat with Greg Garland, Phillips 66 Chairman & CEO, and our co-founder, Neil Bush. The powerhouse duo discussed their career paths – successes and failures, provided advice and inspiration to the young leaders and shared how leading a life of service to others is important for personal and professional success. Attendees had an opportunity to ask questions and network with peers. We are grateful to Greg Garland and his team for serving as gracious hosts and for giving of his time and talent to members of our Young Professionals Group. We encourage you to join our Young Professionals Group. It is a great way to engage in volunteer opportunities that make a difference in the lives of children, network with peers across a wide range of sectors and access some of Houston’s top executives through special events hosted quarterly.