Deutser volunteers at Camp Adventure!

Contributed by Ashley Deutser, student at University of Texas at Austin

The Deutser* office had an amazing day volunteering at Camp Adventure! in August. One member of the team, analyst Hayden Schwarz, described the day at the Children’s Museum of Houston as one of his favorites. Teaching the kids financial literacy and reading picture books with them was fun enough, but seeing the joy on their faces as well as their blossoming curiosity made the day, while physically exhausting, so worth it. He could see the limitless potential in the kids and how important it was for them to feel recognized and important, even down to complimenting their flower drawings. While the day was long, he never thought twice about not being there. Spending a day doing something fun, while seeing his direct impact on the campers, was more than enough. 

Another one of the Deutser colleagues, senior creative consultant Mary Jean also had a blast at Camp Adventure! She remarked about how fun-filled and joyful the day was, and how kids are kids no matter their backgrounds. Campers were excited about everything and seemed to talk and run around with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Her favorite part was the team competition at the Children’s Museum of Houston, where her team, the “Powerful Unicorns,” won the cheering prize. After a long day of activities, learning and cheering, she was exhausted — so too were the kids as most were asleep on the bus before it even left the parking lot. 

*Deutser is an innovative consulting firm focused on helping organizations and their leaders achieve clarity to drive business performance. As one of the premier consultancies in the industry, Deutser, with a team of business strategists, social scientists, organizational psychologists, innovation specialists and designers, brings consulting and creative together to offer services in strategy, organizational and experiential design, culture and communications.