Ladies for Literacy Provides New Hope with Special Gifts

Our Ladies for Literacy Guild recently awarded a $31,000 grant to New Hope Housing Reed to build a children’s library in the community and provide books for each child’s home through our My Home Library program. New Hope Housing Reed is a brand new, affordable apartment development with 187 units serving formerly homeless and at-risk families. When fully leased, the property will serve approximately 650 residents, including an estimated 400 children. The goal of the community is to lift families from generational poverty.

10. New Hope Housing Photo.jpg

The partnership between Ladies for Literacy Guild and New Hope Housing Reed is grounded in the shared belief that literacy is a foundational skill for success and breaking the poverty cycle. The woodland-themed library, decorated by Guild officers Betty Hrncir and Donatella Benckenstein, is filled with books donated through the 2018 Annual Community Book Drive hosted by the Guild. The children’s library is dedicated to former First Lady Barbara Bush who believed, “The home is the child’s first school, the parent is the child’s first teacher and reading is a child’s first subject.”