Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Maria Leija

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we introduce you to Maria Leija, our Operations Coordinator. She loves to read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss to her daughter. Maria speaks to us about the importance of literacy in the Hispanic community. This is what she has to say:


What are the impacts that Literacy have in the Hispanic community?

Coming from a family of two bilingual teachers, I’ve seen firsthand the huge impact that literacy has on the Hispanic community. The language barrier can be very challenging to parents. Many of them want to read with their kids, but since they don’t speak English, it is near impossible to for them to help their kids learn how to read. What’s more, these parents don’t have access to the resources necessary to promote and encourage reading. Many of these kids have never had a book of their own to take home. Yet with initiatives such as the Foundation’s My Home Library program, kids have the opportunity to choose not just one, but six brand new books. The Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation makes a profound impact on literacy in the Hispanic community by providing kids a home library through the My Home Library initiative.

Why did you decide to work for the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation?

I decided to work for the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation because I have a passion for non-profit organizations. Secondly, I love the Bush family and the incredible work the Mrs. Bush’s Foundation is doing in the Houston community. I see how much of an impression the Foundation’s initiatives have had on both the Hispanic and non-Hispanic communities that were in need of bringing literacy to their homes.