Summer Reading Programs in Houston

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The heat has arrived once again and that can mean only one thing—it is summer time in Houston! After a long school year, it is important to ensure that your student retains their skills and avoids falling into the ‘summer slide’ that could potentially hinder his or her progress in the upcoming school year. Experts agree that the best way to avoid the summer slide is to encourage your child to continue to participate in activities that stimulate their minds and spark their curiosity.

To prevent a decline in academic progress over the summer months, it is important to sustain the educational momentum students feel during the school year while students are at home. Within the home, parents can grant their children the opportunity to self-select a few book titles during a trip to their local library or a nearby bookstore. Parents can also take an active role in encouraging their child to complete these books by engaging in thoughtful dialogues with their children about their chosen texts, or even offering to read aloud with their child.

All too often, children describe reading as a ‘chore’. Help change this mindset by offering a small incentive to reward your child for reaching reading milestones. For example, if your child reads for a minimum of fifteen minutes per day for one consecutive week, offer to reward them with a small treat, such as an ice cream. Other incentive-based reading programs can be found at your local libraries, where participation in summer reading programs can yield exclusive rewards and opportunities to be entered into drawings for additional prizes.

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