Almandi Kidd

When asked about the literacy problem in Houston, Almandi answered, "I think there is a problem with literacy. Period. Not just with the kids, but in all of the Houston area. Parents need to be involved. We should not just leave the teaching and learning to the educators. But, sometimes it is hard because many of those parents have to work two jobs and do not have time to teach their children. Also, many of the parents literacy is not where it should be either, so they cannot help if they do not even know better." Almandi is passionate about helping the community fight this problem in whatever ways she can. When asked about what we should do to help, Almandi replied, "When we get new libraries built inside the schools, we need to go out and assist the educators who do not have the time or the funding complete their mission. We need to help as much as we can to teach these kids how to read."