Ellen Barth

Ellen Barth went to Stratford High School in West Houston, and now she currently attends The University of Texas in Austin. Ellen explains her relationship with literacy and learning: "It wasn't a struggle for me to learn how to read because I am super competitive. Whenever I saw other kids in my grade learning how to read, that quickly made me want to learn how to read bigger chapter books than they were reading. I also think that encouragement from siblings and family is a big part of it. I grew up with an older brother so being able to keep up with him and be on his level was something that I wanted to do. My parents were also very encouraging; we would take trips to the library as a family."

Ellen believes that part of the problem with literacy in Houston comes from where you live. "Being from Houston, I think there is a big gap between different school districts. I grew up in Spring Branch, and I believe that Spring Branch does a really great job in incorporating literacy into all grades," said Ellen. "Not all school districts are providing this though."