Janice Dingayan

Janice Dingayan is the Manager of Curriculum Instruction in the Early Childhood Department for Houston Independent School District (HISD). Janice is from the Phillippines, and learned English as her second language upon moving to the United States.

After discussing on whether Janice is aware of the current literacy crisis in Houston, Janice said, "Yes, I am very aware. I once was in school teaching as a dyslexia intervention specialist. Early on in my career in the United States, I was assigned to be a reading interventionist. Right then, I observed that kids in the United States, especially in Houston, are lagging behind compared to countries in Asia, where I come from, such as the Philippines. I was so used to kids in 1st grade or 2nd grade knowing how to read, but I was shocked to see that when I came here, these kids did not know the blend or sound of words."

After discussing the differences in the Philippines' education system compared to the United States' education system, Janice said, "English is my second language, because we were taught everything in English in school in the Philippines. That is all I knew. We were taught all of the official documents in both languages. So, when I got older, that is how I was recruited to come to the United States. I was recruited to teach because they were lacking teachers who knew how to do this. I believe that the teachers need to be more educated to teaching the kids."