Monique Johnson

Monique Johnson is the Manager of Elementary Social Studies with the Houston Independent School District (HISD). Monique has taught grades K-12 and she believes kids do not know "simple vocabulary,” leading to our current literacy crisis in Houston:

"I believe that kids just think that they can look on the Internet to get answers to everything. I think that some kids are faking what they know in order to get by. If you cannot understand what you read, then you do not know how to read. The problem these days is kids can put words together, and they just keep moving on through the process but eventually it catches up to you. They do not understand the simple vocabulary that they need to know. I have even seen adults in groceries stories who do not know how to read, and they get lost and confused when the labels change. It's unfortunate, because as great as our country is, literacy should not be a problem. But it is."