Malene Golding

Malene Golding is from Guyana, South America and emigrated to the United States in 1994. Her family came to the United States years before her as illegal immigrants. "My parents fought so hard to come here so that I could have access to good education," said Malene. Now Malene works asthe Elementary Reading Curriculum Manager for Houston Independent School District (HISD).

After asking Malene if she was aware of the current literacy problem in Houston, Malene replired, "Yes, I am aware of the literacy problem in Houston. I think it's reflected a lot in voter turn out. There is a direct correlation between the citizens being involved within the democratic process. If you are not literate or if you are not educated, then you don't really know how to go about making decisions involved in voting and politics within the United States."

"I feel that since I have been here, living as an emigrant in the United States, one of the I have seen is that there is a lack of value for education."

Malene taught as an elementary school teacher for 17 years. She has coached teachers at different levels, and she believes that there is a big disconnect between what is happening inside the school and what is happening when the kids go home.

"There is a lot that we can do as educators to make literacy education more fun for our kids. Some parents might want to get involved, but simply just do not have the time or resources. I think we need to get that spark going to make reading fun for these kids," said Malene.