Pam Roberts

Pam is a retired meeting planner who still does some contract work. She has always enjoyed reading but like so many people sometimes easily falls into the trap of watching TV. She is trying to be better about it though: “I never really has issues with reading growing up and my parents were always involved in my education, so I made so sure be involved in my children’s education.”  It is clear that Pam believes education and a love for reading begins at home with the parents. “Parents should be providing their kids with tools to make reading fun and feel less like an obligation.  I think when you have kids participate and become engaged in what is being read, whether that means acting out characters or reading in funny voices, it helps them learn to use their imagination.  With my kids, I always tried to get series of books so once we finished one book, they were already excited for the next and I know to this day they like reading books that are part of a series.“

Both of her kids are grown now and will be starting families of their own soon.  She is looking forward to when that time and being able to read to her grandchildren!