Erika Brigham

Erika Brigham works for Houston Independent School District (HISD). "From a mommy standpoint, I can remember when my children were younger and I took them to the library, that was an abnormal thing. I can remember parents and friends thought that was shocking. To read and pick up a book was not normal anymore. When I would read and pick up my kids from school, you could absolutely see the difference between the kids that had parents that supported them and provided the resources to them, compared to the children whose parents were not involved with pushing their kids to learn how to read. I can't believe it was so shocking to some parents when I told them that I enjoyed taking my kids to the library."

"I think we need to get into the inner cities. I was born and raised in First Colony, but my husband comes from the Sunnyside part of Houston. I have seen both sides. I have been blessed to be apart of a community growing up with the resources needed to learn, but I have also seen the side that does not have the money and resources to provide to their students. I think if we get a chance to get more involved in school with the teachers, to provide them with more and to treat them all equal, that there will be a better chance of teaching the kids in the future."