Nancy Stow

Nancy Stow grew up on the east coast in Baltimore, Maryland with her parents and three siblings. She describes her childhood as “great,” and fondly remembers school. “I liked being around other children and learning new things each day.” With the encouragement of her parents, teachers and coaches, Nancy consistently jumped over her biggest hurdle – staying focused – and graduated from college with a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing.

Now, years later living in Houston, Nancy still loves to learn … mostly new languages and world history. She recognizes that you “absolutely need to be literate, with continuous learning, to succeed in life, both personally and professionally.” And that’s what she teaches her two children. Her son, a recent college graduate, did so with high honors and continues to learn as much as possible in the workplace. Her daughter, a senior in college, is an A student and enjoys receiving articles from Mom on various subjects.

So, why is literacy and learning important for individuals, families, communities and our world’s future? According to Nancy, “you have to be educated, you have to read and write, to become a productive member of society.”