DeShaun, 25

DeShaun moved to Houston from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, she owns an online store selling women’s accessories but hopes to one day own a brick and mortar store.  She is taking classes at Lone Star Community College pursuing her degree in business administration in order to achieve that very goal.

“I don’t remember my parents reading to me when I was a kid.  My dad did write a book though” reflects DeShaun.  Her father wrote a book called Death Couldn’t Kill Me which told the story of how he was pronounced dead 3 times in his life.  DeShaun pefers to read the bible.  “The Old Testament is so encouraging” she says “and it is full of stories” When asked about reading for school she replied “I read for class because it is mandatory but I don’t do it as a hobby, I wouldn’t say I hate it.”

I asked DeShaun what young adults her age could do to help the children of Houston and her response was “we should volunteer, we can relate more with the kids than older volunteers can.  The kids are into Ipads, the older people may not be up to date but we can show them apps [to help them read].”

DeShaun is setting a great example of incorporating technology with literacy with her own daughter, who is 5 years old and just started Kindergarten this fall.  She says her daughter loves to read she even purchased a monthly subscription to