2017 jungle book gala

We are excited to announce this year's Honorary Chair, #59 of the Houston Texans, Whitney Mercilus. Whitney's Foundation, called WithMerci, provides advocacy and support to families of children with disabilities and special needs. This year, Whitney is focusing on autism awareness and support. Whitney's compassion for Houston's children make him the perfect Jungle Book Gala Honorary Chairman.  


honorary chair

Whitney Mercilus




Alexa Bode & William Finnorn




Beverly & Jim Postl

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Julie & Ron Finck

Amy & Kyle McCully

Philip morris /
west houston medical center

the claro group

Karen Stowers

host committee

Elizabeth Andrews
& Robert Derrick III

Kia Austin

Alexa Bode

Ashley Chabaud

Maria & Randall Clauson

Morgan Relyea Colt
& Walker Colt

Carley Colton

Frani & David Denenburg

Julie & Ron Finck

Jessica Givens
& Jamil Driscoll

Lauren Goodwin
& Jason Long

Grace & Thomas Gosnell


Arabella & Jamie Hibbert

Rose Hinojosa
& Joseph Mandola

Rebecca Hoffman

Lisa & Mark Jakel

Mark Latham

J. Hugh Liedtke

Kristin & Stuart Lowery

Amy & Kyle McCully

Jordan McPhail

Esmeralda Mendez

Laura & Ben Messier

Sarah & Christopher Miorin

Meridian Circle Advisors /
John Nghiem

Phillip Morris /
West Houston Medical Center

Gwen & Wade Parks

David Ramirez

Caitlin Rance

Chloe Rushing/
Legacy Community Health

Casey Sailer

Naseem & David Sawyer

Emily Smith / Steelcase

Verr & Derek Soltes

Kristen Oesch Stubbs

Marisa Whitenton

Anna Williams

Melissa Williams
& Matt Murphy