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Research shows that when children have access to books in their home and choice in what books they read, they read more often and achieve at higher academic levels. Unfortunately, more than 80 percent of public school children in Houston are economically disadvantaged, and for many of them, books are a luxury that their families simply can not afford.  My Home Library is an initiative program of the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation aimed at providing more children of low-income families an opportunity to have the essential tools that are necessary for reading success — books.

Through the use of a custom-designed web-based tool, My Home Library enables children to create a wish list of books they want to read and community members have the ability to sponsor a specific child’s home library of six brand new books by making a tax-deductible donation of as little as $30.


  • Children are empowered to choose the books they want to read by creating a wish list for their home library.
  • Donors can have a direct and meaningful impact on a specific child in need by underwriting the cost of a child’s home library.
  • Children can choose what to read and read what they love because they select from popular book titles and topics of interest.
  • Deep discounts on new books negotiated with children’s book publishers make sponsoring home libraries affordable to donors, and the funds donated can provide a greater impact because of the buying power of the Foundation.

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